Between 2004 and 2007, Gnolk Team Fortress was an MMORPG, with up to 300 active players.

You incarnated a Gnolk, a sailor who formerly stranded on one isolated island in the middle of the ocean. Mutated, half wolf and green, you had to survive against hordes of enemies and resist the attacks of the giant insects. You also had to discover the mysteries of the island.

You gathered as clans, only means of surviving; you could build towers and fortresses to defend yourself and have a greater sight over the surroundings, and bridges to cross the hostile waters.

The actions were accomplished thanks to so-called «fructoses», a unit of continuously regenerated energy.

A Capture The Flag variant has also been created and played for an In Real Life meeting: Gnolk The Flag.

If you have contents related to Gnolk Team Fortress, we would be pleased to get a copy of it by e-mail: contact@… (complete with the domain name, without "www.").

The game was hosted on a LAMP stack. If a new version of the game had to be developed, it would use HTML5 (WebGL, WebAudio, WebSockets) and Node.js.

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